The Edies

A Gallery of Places

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The Old Course, St Andrews
Church Square, St Andrews
Fife Folk Museum, Ceres
The Abbey in Dunfermline
Dunfermilne Abbey

Mary Shepherd lived in Dunning in Perthsire. Outside the town is a monument to Maggie Wall, burnt as a witch in 1657

The Cathedral in Bendigo - a fine example of gothic architecture
The Warilda
The Anna, the Edie's immigration ship from the UK, departed Liverpool 15 November 1854, arrived Sydney 21 February 1855

The Aldinga, in which the Edies crossed from Australia to New Zealand
An early view of the first homestead known as Springfield
Another view of the first homestead
Edievale Railway Station
The Railway Station at Edievale, no longer in existence
The second Springfield

An important local landmark in Central Otago, near Tuapeka Mouth

The Punt at Tuapeka Mouth, on the Clutha River, no longer in existence

The second Springfield in snow

and from a different angle

The first Edie house in Lawrence, belonged to John Edie, MP