The Edies

World War I Service: Robert Heriot Edie

The information below is from Robert's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was Farmer, his last employer being 'Self', at Edievale, his religion was Presbyterian and his birth-date was given as 1 February, 1877. His next of kin was listed as his father, Mr J Edie, Edievale. His service number was given as 56973 and assigned the rank of Private.

He was balloted for military service in 1917.

His Attestation was dated 17 January 1917, at Milton. His birth-place was Edievale, in 1877. His father is named as John Edie (born in Scotland), and his mother as Mary. He had been in New Zealand for 40 years and his parents for 60 years. His occupation was famer; he had passed the Fourth Educational Standard. His last employer was 'Self'.

In response to the question "Are you single, married, widower, divorced or legally separated from your wife?" his answer is 'Yes' however a later copy of the same form has 'single' written alongside the original answer). He goes on to say he has no dependent children under 16 years of age, but does have 2 persons "absolutely dependent" on him. He also records that he has previously been rejected for military service on the grounds of "Heart Trouble".

His physical description is given as: 39 years 11 months, he was 5 foot 8¾ inches and weighed 192 pounds, and had chest measurements of 40½ to 42½ inches. He was of Florid complexion, with blue eyes and brown hair. His eyesight and hearing were 'Normal' and he was classed as 'Fit Class A'.

Robert appeared before 2 Medical Boards in 1917. The record of the first appearance, on 27 June 1917, cites his diability as pre-existing Obesity, with the consequent disability of 'Shortness of breath'. The Board found him still fit for active service. However a second Board, held on 11 August 1917, cited his original disability as "Age nearly 41; obese flabby & rheumatic", with the 'Specific cause' cited as 'Lack of exercise', and consequently 'Can't train'. Progress was described as 'Not improving'. This Board found Robert Not fit for active service and that condition to be premanent. He was therefore classed as C2.

He was therefore discharged from service.