Leenane by the Sea


There is a spot in Erins Isle,
A spot you all know well.
Where I spent many the happy day.
Among it's lovely dell.
It's but a little country place.
But still it's dear to me.
It's the spot where I was born in.
Sweet Leenane by the sea.


The land is fair beyond compare.
Most beautiful to view.
The hills are green they may be seen.
All covered with morning dew.
I would long to roam in those green fields
It fills my heart with glee.
It's the idol of my nightly dreams
Sweet Leenane by the sea.


In Summer days when sun bright rays
Bedeck the fields with green.
From every quarter of the globe.
Gay tourists may be seen.
They cross the seas to rest at ease
From city dim and wall.
To catch the trout that sports about.
Around Aasleagh's waterfall.


Our schoolboys who were foolish then.
For rambling they were bent.
They oftimes lingered on the road.
When they to school were sent.
Our teacher bright he did delight.
Our young hearts to instil.
Our school-house grand it neatly stand
At the foot of Leenane hill.


I have viewed some lordly mansions.
I have seen some castles grand.
I have seen the hall where in had lived.
The noble and the grand.
Yet I'd rather live in a little house.
With my grádh geal mo croidhe.
Than to live in a mansion far away.
From Leenane by the sea.


Cruel laws are carrying on.
We cannot stay at home.
We are forced to go in grief and woe
Across the raging foam.
But if faith proves true there is a few
Who might return once more.
Alas there are another few.
Who will ne'er see Leenane shore.


Now to conclude and finish.
I hope I've said nothing wrong.
In making dear old Leenane.
The subject of my song.
May the Lord above look down with love
Upon Him we do implore.
So bright success and happiness
Around lovely Leenane shore.

COLLECTOR: Cathal Ó Callanáin, of Munterowen Middle, Co. Galway.

INFORMANT: Bean Uí Bhairéid, Age: 80, of Munterowen Middle, Co. Galway.

RETRIEVED FROM: The Dúchas Project, retrieved 30/10/2021.