Seanamhráin - Leenane Shore


Come all you loyal Irish boys wherever you may stand
Think on your lovely mountains and bonnie Ireland
Although you are gone foreign my blessing on you pour
Who loved your dear ancestors on lovely Leenane Shore.


On the 15th day of August a meeting was held there
O'Malley from Kilmilkin to it he did prepare
He gazed upon the mountains he so often travelled oe'r
But now he is in Parliment far, far from Leenane Shore.


The Leaguers from all places
came to listen to the speesh
The street was filled with bonnie? and small boats on the beesh
They sailed all over the Killary as they often did before
For the Navy and the sailors both land on Leenane Shore.


And drawing near the famous town I heard the Leaguers said
When the Galway grazers saw them come they all ran away
They thought it was Paul Kruger and all his fighting hord
Who came here to kill all grazers? that day in Leenane Shore.


Those were the friends and neighbours that you may plainly see
That started out that morning from Carrakennedy
So the grabber and the grazer were divided core
By O Malley and his Coishlough boys that day on Leenane Shore.

COLLECTOR: Seán Ó Chatháin, of Leenaun, Co. Galway.

INFORMANT: Brighid Ní Chatháin, Age: 40, of Leenaun, Co. Galway.

RETRIEVED FROM: The Dúchas Project, retrieved 31/10/2021.