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Eliza Jane Madill
Eliza Jane Madill, born 1787, married Joseph William Mulligan of Ballyhaise, Co Cavan, Ireland

James Mulligan - A Young Man About Dunedin
Father & son
Young James Mulligan & his father, Francis, in Ireland
James & Agnes marry
James & Agnes marry,
2 Jul 1878
(Most of) The First New Zealand Generation
7 of the 9 First Generation children attending the seventieth anniversary of St Peter’s Anglican Church, (1958?) Caversham: (back row) Arthur, Alexander, Edwin, George; (front row) Alice, Francis, Agnes. Absent: Frederick, Margaret Elsie
The Mulligan sons
The (NZ) Mulligan sons
Francis Humphrys Mulligan
The 'eldest son' - Francis Humphrys Mulligan (1880-1865)
Arthur William Mulligan
Frederick Charles Mulligan
Edwin Joseph Mulligan
Agnes Gertrude Mulligan
Alexander Simpson Mulligan
George Henry Mulligan
Margaret, in Canada, at work
Margaret Elsie, at work in Canada, during World War II
Alice Isabel (Essie) Mulligan
Alice Isabel (Essie) Mulligan

David Keith Mulligan 1919 - 2008

Ronald James Mulligan 1924 - 2007

Francis Forrester Mulligan 1912 - 1987

Francis Forrester Mulligan & Iris Bryson Murrell
Moira (Molly) Mulligan

(left to right)
Peter Nicol, Louise, Ron, Iris Bryson, Barbara, Sarah Rose, Desiree Edie, Bryan
(in front) Jayne Iris, Charlotte Frances
Louise Mulligan & Peter Nicoll

Louise Mulligan (1942 - 2005)
Gregory John Nicoll

Ron Mulligan & Jeanette Baird

Sarah Rose Mulligan
Charlotte Frances Mulligan Darling
Charlotte Darling & Gareth Thompson
Jayne Iris Mulligan