World War 1 Service:

Joseph Edward KNOX

The information below is from Joseph Edward's Defence Force Personnel Record, from National Archives of Australia.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was . His last New Zealand address was 8 Hall St, Newtown, Wellington. His religion was and his birth-date was , in .

His next of kin was listed as his mother, Mrs. L. Knox, of 8 Hall St, Newtown, Wellington.

His Attestation was dated 10 March, 1915, at Liverpool, NSW Australia. He gives his birth-place as Wellington, and gave his age 27 1/12. He lists his mother, Mrs Lilian Knox, 9 Hospital Rd, South Wellington, as next-of-kin.

He gives his occupation as Hod Carrier, and was a British Subject, but wasn't and hadn't been apprenticed.

He was not married. He had been convicted by the Civil Power - "Drunk". He hadn't been discharged from any military unit. However, for 3 months he had been a member of the Palmerston North Guards, but "Left the town."

His age was given as 27 years 1 months. His physical description is given as: 5 foot 5 1/2 inches, 138 lbs [ Kg], chest measuring 30 inches (max: 33 1/2 inches), dark complexion, blue eyes, dark brown hair. His religious profession was R.C. [Roman Catholic]. His medical examination saw him classed as "fit for active service".

Service Details

He was assigned to A Company, 17th Battalion of the Australian Imperial Force.

  • Taken on Strength 13/1/1916.
  • AWL 24 hours 2/4/1916.
  • Admitted Hospital 30/4/1916.
  • To Duty 7/5/1916.
  • Taken on Strength of 17th Btn AIF, ex Detail Camp Etaple [?] 28/7/1916.
  • To Hospital sick France 11/1/1917.
  • Rejoined Unit from Hospital 14/1/1917.
  • A.W.L (Absent without Leave) 23/1/1917 for 72 hours. Awarded 72 hours A.W.L (Absent without Leave)
  • Wounded in action France 15/4/1917.
  • To Eng [?] Rouen 22/4/1917.
  • Admitted Birmingham Hospital Eng 24/4/1917.
  • Dartford 11/6/1917 Drunkeness. Fined 10/- by Lt. Col. Sutherland.
  • Retd to Aust [Returned to Australia] per 'NZ 82' for CHANGE ex England G.S.W.L.HAND" dated 27/8/1917.
  • Discharged 22/11/1917.
  • Embarked Alexandria to join B.E.F 17/3/1916.
  • Disembarked Marseilles 23/3/1916.
  • Influ adm France 2/5/1916.
  • To Hospital 30/4/1916.
  • Inf Adm 29/4/1916.
  • ... to duty B. Detail 7/5/1916.
  • Taken on Strength 7/5/1916.
  • ... Gastritis 29/4/1916.
  • Soldier does not claim that ... sustained by ... of military duty 16/5/1916.
  • ... France 15/5/1916.
  • To B Com Det France 5/6/1916.
  • Taken on Strength Etaples 23/6/1916.
  • Awarded 3 days ... for absence Church parade[?] on 20/7/16 28/7/1916.
  • Rejoined Bat France 28/7/1916.
  • To Hospital France 11/1/1917.
  • Rejoined Batn France 14/1/1917.
  • AWL Awarded 72 hours FP No 2 28/1/1917.
  • Wounded in action France 15/4/1917.
  • Adm ... France 15/4/1917.
  • Adm & Discharged to England Rouen 19/4/1917 22/4/1917 .
  • To England Rouen 22/4/1917.
  • Adm 2nd Birmingham Hospital GSW Hand 24/4/1917.
  • Adm 3rd Aust Hospital Dartford (GSW Hand) from 2nd Birmingham Hospital 28/5/1917.
  • Discharged from Hospital to Depot Weymouth 23/7/1917.

Helpfully, there is a single page which lists, amongst other things, "Forfeitures, Crimes, etc". It includes the following items:

  • A.W.L (Absent without Leave) 2/4/1916 for 24 hours. Awarded 168 hours F.P. No. 2 [Field Punishment No 2]
  • A.W.L (Absent without Leave) 23/1/1917 for 72 hours. Awarded 72 hours A.W.L (Absent without Leave)
  • Dartford 11/6/1917 Drunkeness. Fined 10/- by Lt. Col. Sutherland.
  • "CAUSE OF BECOMING NON EFFECTIVE WITH DATE OF CASUALTY: R.T Aust [Returned to Australia] per 'NZ 82' for CHANGE ex England G.S.W.L.HAND" dated 27/8/1917.


Joseph's New Zealand file includes a letter from the "Officer in Charge of Base Records" to "certify that [Joseph Edward] Returned Soldier produced his discharge at this office on the 18th January 1920, and was issued a Four Week Railway Ticket."

An exchange of correspondence was prompted by Joseph's request to be examined by a Medical Board, presumably in the hope of either being granted, or having extended, a disability pension

On 24th October, the Commissioner of Pensions advised that "this soldier is in receipt of a permanent Commonwealth war pension of 13/- per month, which is equivalent to 10% pension at the Australian rate."

A letter dated June 6 1936, over the signature of Joseph E Knox , is addressed to Base Records, Melbourne, and says:
"Dear Sir
I have had the misfortune to have my discharge burnt, and would you kindly send me a substitute and oblige me. Yours kindly
Joseph E Knox".

He provides a return address of "C/o R.S.A. Secretary, Wellington, NZ" and gives his unit as "A Coy 17 Batt 2 Div A.I.F".

Included in the file is a second letter, dated 15/5/'68, to Central Army Records Office in Melbourne. It says:

On 6th July 1967 your office acknowledged receipt of a letter from my mother Mrs K. M. Knox (your reference 253 JE Knox 17 Bn) enquiring re the issue of the commemorative badges and medallions to New Zealanders who served in the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915. Your note advised that my mother would receive a reply after enquiries had been made but she has not hear since on the matter.

Would you please advise whether a next-of-kin is entitled to receive the badge & medallion as my mother is quite anxious to have these if they are available to her."

The letter is on letterhead paper headed Knox and Parkin, PO Box 3 Otaki Railway, and appears to be signed by "K Knox"