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A Gallery of Images

Most of the images in this selection are "low resolution" for ease and speed of download. They are not recommended for printing purposes.

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Iris Bryson Mulligan nee Murrell
Iris Bryson Mulligan (nee Murrell) 1916 - 2009

"Young Bob" - the patriarch of Grand View and son of the first Murrell in Manapouri

"Old Bob" - The original Murrell

The beginning of a dynasty at Manapouri - the "first generation" at the guest house:

Back row: Jack, Eva, Graham
Middle row: Margaret Robert Leslie
Front row: Burton, Guy
On ground: Norman, Stanley

Graham and his second wife, Mabel, the proud possessor of a drivers' license at age 94!

Graham & Agnes with their eldest child - Iris Bryson

Graham (1888-1984) - Back row, left in the family group above.

Dulcie Jean Murrell 1918 - 2003
Dulcie Jean Murrell 1918 - 2003

Allan Graham Murrell  1926 - 1975Allan Graham Murrell 1926 - 1975

Annie Agnes (Clearwater) Murrell 1884 - 1955
Annie Agnes (Clearwater) Murrell 1884 - 1955