Burton Murrell

The information below is from Burton's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was Labourer, last New Zealand address was Manapouri, his religion was C.E. and his birth-date was 1 April 1894.

His next of kin was listed as Robert Murrell, Father, of Manapouri, Southland.

His Attestation was dated 12 June 1915, at Trentham. His birth-place was Lumsden, on 1 April 1894. His occupation is given as Labourer, from Manapouri. He had passed the Fourth Educational Standard. His last employer is given as Robert Murrell. He was not married. He was already a member of B Company, 8 Regiment. He had already registered for military service at Invercargill.

His physical description is given as: 21 years, 5foot 9 inches, 154lbs, chest measuring 32½ - 38 inches, Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Brown haired. His vision and hearing were normal.

Service Details

Burton's service number was 8/3020. He was assigned to Otago Infantry, 7th Regiment, and he began his service on 12 June 1915. He served 129 days in NZ, 3 years 257 days overseas, for a total of 4 years and 21 days. From 9 October 1915 he was posted overseas, finally returning on the SS Maunganui out of Liverpool, on 23 June 1919.

  • 2 January 1917 he was posted as Gunner to a Mortar Battery; 1st Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment, 14th Company
  • 16 December 1917 appointed Acting Bombardier
  • 26 February 1918, the 'acting' appointment was withdrawn because of his evacuation to hospital.
  • 7 August 1917 he was sentenced to 7 Days Field Punishment No 2 for being Absent from Billet without a pass
  • 5 February 1919, at Sling Camp, he was sentenced to 16 Pay RW for overstaying his leave

He was finally discharged on 2 July 1919. He was awarded the 1914-18 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, having served in Egypt (1915-16), Egyptian Expeditionary Force (1916), and Western Europe (1916-17-18).


  • 6 July 1915 at Trentham Camp, was admitted to hospital with Measles
  • 10 July 1915 Reported wounded Rt hand, date unknown. Embarked for England July 3 1915.
  • 12 March 1918 Wound, certified as accidental, head Feb 12 1918. Medical report says he "picked up an old fuse and threw same outside when it exploded"
  • 19 March 1918 Admitted Hospital, France March 5/th 1918, Lacerated
  • 19 March 1918 Admitted Hospital Bethnal Green 12 3 1918.
  • 25 March 1918 Transferred NZ Convalescent Hospital
  • 13 June 1918 appears to have been hospitalised again
  • December 1918 a further period of hospitalisation