The Edies

World War I Service: Oswald Leonard Adams Edie

The information below is from Oswald's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was Surgeon, his last employer wasn't specified, although his last NZ address was given as Kumara, his religion was Presbyterian and his birth-date was given as 5 April, 1888. His next of kin was listed as his wife, Mrs Jean Edie, c/- Mr Mclean, 182 Queen Street, Dunedin. His service number was given as 3/2897, and his rank of Captain assigned to the NZ Medical Corps, No 4 Field Ambulance.

His Attestation was dated 24 September 1917, at Queenstown. He was born at Edievale, on 2 August 1897. His father was born at Waipahi and his mother at Dunedin. His occupation was shepherd living in Arrowtown, Otago. His last employer was his father at Arrowtown. He had previously served in the 5th Mounted Rifles, and been medically examined for service and passed as Fit. Other records give his address as Glencoe Station, Arrowtown.

He was single, with no dependent children under 16 years of age, nor anyone "absolutely dependent" on him.

His physical description is given as: 20 years; he was 5 foot 9¾ inches and weighed 137 pounds, and had chest measurements of 32½ to 35½ inches. He was of Tan complexion, with Grey eyes. His eyesight and hearing were 'Normal' and he was classed as 'Fit Class A'.

Service Details

Oswald's service number was 182588.

  • A letter from the Director of Recruiting dated 22 February, 1918, states that Oswald was drawn in the 10th Ballot for Group 14. He lodged an appeal on the grounds that he a 'High Country Shepherd'. His appeal record states that his calling-up would cause undue hardship because of "... the great scarcity of experienced shepherds and musterers for high country". The appeal was adjourned 'sine die'.
  • He applied to join the Flying Corps, completing a Medical Examination on 9 April 1918 which found he was in good health and physically fit for active duties of the Royal Flying Corps.
  • He was transferred to the Aviation School, Sockburn on 7 May 1918
  • From there he proceeded to England on HMN Transport No. 106 in June 1918
  • He was discharged 13 February 1919.