The information below is from Albert's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was Cheesemaker and his last employer was Brydon Dairy Factory; his last address was Terrace View, Mataura; his religion was Methodist and his birth-date was recorded as 4 August 1891.  His next of kin was listed as R. Clearwater (Father), of of Terrace View, Mataura.

His Attestation was dated 28 July 1916, at Trentham. His birth-place was Hoopers Inlet, Otago Peninisula, on 4 February 1891. His occupation is given as Cheesemaker, last residing at Terrace View, Mataura. He had passed the Fourth Educational Standard. His last employer is given as Brydon Dairy Factory. He was not married.  His next of kin is given as R Clearwater (Father) of Terrace View, Mataura.

His physical description is given as: 25 years 5 months, 5 foot 4 inches, 148lbs; his chest measurements were 34 1/2inches to 38 inches; his complexion was light, light blue eyes, fair haired. His religious profession was Methodist. His vision and hearing were good.

Service Details

Albert's service number was 32628. Beginning on 26 July 1916, he served 311 days in NZ, 1 year 314 days overseas, for a total of 2 years and 260 days, in Western Europe until 11 March 1919.

  • He was preceding overseas on 1 March 1917
  • He embarked at Wellington on 15 November 1916
  • He disembarked at Devonport on 29 January 1917
  • On 29 January 1917 he marched into Sling
  • He left for France on 1 March 1917
  • Marched into Etaples on 3 March 1917
  • On 30 March he joined his Battalion
  • He was wounded in action on 12 December 1917, and admitted to hospital the next day, then transferred to Boulogne on 14 October, from where he was sent to England on the 18th.  He was admitted to the Military Hospital on 19 October, and then to the Convalescent Hospital at Hornchurch on the 29th.
  • On 5 January 1918 he was 'attached to strength at Codford
  • 18 March saw him march into Sling, from where he left for France on 8 May 1918
  • He arrived at Etaples on 10 May
  • He joined the Battalion in the field on 12 May
  • On 24 May he was evacuated sick and admitted to hospital
  • On 25 May he was admitted to Hospital at Rouen
  • Evacuated to England on 13 June 1918
  • 30 July it was recorded that he was to evacuated to NZ per the Marama

He was finally deemed no longer fit for war service on account of illness contracted on active service (Pleurisy) and discharged on 11 April 1919, and returned to Terrace View, Mataura, Southland.  His discharge certificate lists his description at enlistment as:  25 years months old, 5 feet 4 inches in height, light complexion, light blue eyes, and fair hair.


He was awarded the British War Medal 1914-19, and the Victory Medal.