The information below is from Arthur's Defence Force Personnel Record, from Archives NZ.

Biographical Details

According to his History-Sheet, his occupation was Motor Driver and he was Self-employed; his last address was Kings Court, Auckland; his religion was Presbyterian and his birth-date was recorded as 29 May 1887.  His next of kin was listed as Frederick Clearwater (Father), of Riversdale, Southland.

His Attestation was dated 7 September 1914, at Epsom Camp, Auckland. His birth-place was Southland, on 29 May 1887. His occupation is given as Motor Driver, last residing at King's Court, Auckland. He had passed the Fourth Educational Standard. He was self employed. He was not married. 

His physical description is given as: 27 years 3 months, 5 foot 10 inches, 13 stone albs; his chest measurements were 39 to 42 inches; his complexion was medium, brown eyes, fair haired. His religious profession was Presbyterian. His vision and hearing were normal.

Service Details

Albert's service number was 14/13. Beginning on 10 August 1914, he served 98 days in NZ, 4 years 86 days overseas, for a total of 4 years and 184 days, serving in a variety of theaters: Egyptian (1914/15/16), Egyptian E.F (1916) and Western Europe through 1917-18.  He was discharged 9 February 1919.

  • He Attested on 10 August 1914
  • On that date he was given the rank of Driver and appointed Motor Mechanic and attached to NZASC (Army Service Corps)
  • 14 May 1916 he was admitted to NZ General Hospital, Cairo, from where he was discharged 23 May
  • 3 August 1916 he embarked for England
  • He marched into No6 Camp (Sling?) 18 (or 19) August 1916
  • He was admitted to Codford Hospital 21 September 1916
  • and admitted to Hornchurch Hospital on 29 September 1916 from where he was discharged on 24 November 1916
  • Transferred to 2nd NZ General Hospital, Walton on 20 December 1916
  • He was taken onto Strength on 30 December 1916
  • 8 January 1917 transferred from Walton to Sling, from where he left for France on 24 February 1917
  • Marched into Base Depot, Etaples 26 February 1917
  • He was attached to Strength 1 March 1917, and then assigned to a Company in the Field on 31 March
  • He was granted Leave 29 January 1918 until 14 February
  • Detached to UK for return to NZ on 29 October 1918
  • 2 December 1918 he embarked on the Maunganui at Liverpool for New Zealand.

He was formally discharged on 9 February 1919.  His discharge certificate lists his description at enlistment as:  27 years 4 months old, 5 feet 10 inches in height, medium complexion, brown eyes, and fair hair.


He was awarded the British War Medal 1914-19, the Victory Medal, and 1914/15 Star.